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Protect Your Home: Professional Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Westchester County, NY

At the law firm of Real Counsel, we understand the significance of safeguarding your most valuable asset. With years of experience and proficiency in foreclosure defense, our Westchester County foreclosure defense lawyers are dedicated to guiding homeowners through the complex foreclosure process. 

Our commitment is to provide the necessary legal support and strategies to help you navigate this difficult journey. Trust our foreclosure defense lawyers to protect your rights and find viable solutions. You can reach out to us for an in-person or online consultation for free.

The Threat of Foreclosure

Foreclosure poses a significant threat to homeowners. It is a devastating loss of your home and can have long-lasting effects on your credit. Our experienced foreclosure defense attorney in Westchester County understands the various stages and timelines involved in foreclosure proceedings and is here to provide you with the necessary support and guidance. 

Beyond the financial implications, we recognize the emotional stress and burden that foreclosure can bring on homeowners. That’s why our dedicated team is committed to helping you navigate this challenging situation.

Let our foreclosure defense attorneys help you navigate this challenging process.

The Threat of Foreclosure

Our Foreclosure Defense Services

At Real Counsel, we offer a range of comprehensive foreclosure defense services to protect homeowners from foreclosure:

Wrongful Foreclosure Defense

Wrongful Foreclosure Defense:

Our attorneys review your mortgage documents, loan agreements, and foreclosure procedures to identify any potential violations or irregularities by your lender, allowing us to challenge the validity of the foreclosure proceedings.

Mortgage Loan Modification

Mortgage Loan Modification:

We assist homeowners in exploring options for mortgage modifications, making changes to existing loans to create more affordable and sustainable terms.

Filing Bankruptcy

Filing Bankruptcy:

We guide you through the bankruptcy process, offering protection of your rights and the opportunity to negotiate with lenders.

Short Sale

Short Sale:

We help homeowners explore alternatives to foreclosure, such as a short sale, which allows the sale of the property for less than the amount due on the current owner’s mortgage balance. This option can provide debt relief and avoid the lengthy foreclosure process.

If you are in need of foreclosure defense services, you can rely on our foreclosure defense law firm. We provide comprehensive legal assistance in mortgage foreclosure defense. Let us assist you in preserving ownership of your home.

Why Hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

Hiring a Westchester County foreclosure lawyer is beneficial when facing foreclosure because:

  • A dedicated foreclosure lawyer possesses the knowledge and proficiency to protect your legal rights throughout the process.
  • They understand the complex legal procedures and can navigate them effectively on your behalf.
  • A foreclosure lawyer provides personalized advice based on your unique situation, helping you make informed decisions.
  • They can assess the viability of alternatives to foreclosure, such as loan modifications or foreclosure alternatives, and guide you toward the best possible solution.

Why Choose Real Counsel?

At Real Counsel Law Firm, we stand out as a premier foreclosure defense law firm in White Plains, Westchester County. Our skilled attorneys possess extensive knowledge in mortgage foreclosure defense and are well-versed in local foreclosure laws and regulations. 

With extensive knowledge, experience and notable achievements, our team is equipped to provide you with top-notch legal representation. Count on our foreclosure lawyers to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

Our Approach to Foreclosure Defense

At Real Counsel, we take a meticulous approach to foreclosure defense. We conduct thorough research, paying attention to every detail of your case. 

Our strategies are tailored to your specific situation and we seek to achieve the best possible outcome. With a client-centric approach, we prioritize your trust and work tirelessly to protect your rights. 

Trust our experienced foreclosure defense attorneys to advocate for your interests and guide you through the complexities of foreclosure proceedings.

Free Consultation Foreclosure Lawyer Near You

Take advantage of a free consultation for clients seeking a foreclosure lawyer nearby to discuss your foreclosure situation with an experienced attorney who can provide valuable insights and guidance. Book a free consultation now!


- What should I expect during my initial consultation with a foreclosure defense attorney?

During a consultation with a foreclosure defense attorney in Westchester County , they will thoroughly examine your financial situation, examine your case, discuss resistance strategies, and discuss your rights and legal options. They will answer questions about the foreclosure process and determine if the attorney’s practice area suits your needs.

- Can a foreclosure defense attorney help if my property is already scheduled for auction?

A foreclosure defense attorney in Westchester County  can help postpone or halt the foreclosure process by exploring legal options like bankruptcy, loan modification, or negotiating alternative options with the lender. They can defend their rights and negotiate with lenders for a resolution.

- How can I afford a foreclosure defense attorney if I'm already facing financial difficulties?

Choose a foreclosure defense attorney based on financial issues, offering flexible payment options, free consultations, and pro bono services. Address financial concerns during the initial consultation for a fair agreement.

- Is it possible to negotiate a loan modification without a foreclosure defense attorney?

Negotiating a loan modification with an attorney significantly increases success by highlighting financial challenges and proposing realistic modifications. A competent attorney can persuade the lender, upholding rights and ensuring the requested change is in the best interest.

- Can a bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorney help me avoid losing my home to foreclosure?

A bankruptcy attorney can help prevent home foreclosure by navigating the bankruptcy process, understanding options, and finding a method to avoid automatic stay.

- What can a mortgage foreclosure defense attorney do for me?

A mortgage  foreclosure defense attorney can help you protect your interests and rights if you are facing foreclosure. They investigate your case, stand up for you in court, negotiate with lenders for workarounds, and work to achieve the best outcome possible in light of your circumstances.

- Is hiring a wrongful foreclosure defense lawyer costly?

Wrongful foreclosure defense attorney fees vary based on case complexity and experience. Some offer affordable fees or flexible payment plans. Discuss fees and payment options during initial consultation to ensure honesty and affordability.

- What is a short sale, and how does it relate to financial hardship and foreclosure defense?

A foreclosure defense attorney can negotiate with the lender to approve a short sale, settling outstanding debt and preventing deficiency judgments. This option is often used when financial hardship prevents mortgage payments and the property’s worth is lower than the loan balance.